Admiralty System Bug

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On 6/6/19 I completed 10 tour of duty for both the Romulan and Ferengi campaigns. The progress bar does not reflex this. The Romulan campaign has a count of 0 but I completed once before. This should had been the first time for the Ferengi campaign. I did receive the reward for the Romulan campaign but not for the Ferengi campaign. It looks like the Ferengi campaign reset to Tier 8 too, These campaigns were claimed after the new patch.

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    Tours of Duty and Campaign levels are different things, both being shown in that tab. Campaign level is the filled bar on top, Tour of Duty progress is the number underneath that bar. Since you had completed the 10/10 assignments, the Tours of Duty for both reset to 0/10, as should be expected. The Ferengi Campaign is what is at level 8. That level increases with Campaign xp for each campaign until it gets to level 10.

    Rewards for them are another matter that hopefully gets sorted for you.
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