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Event Won't Slot

lordatrocitieslordatrocities Member Posts: 459 Arc User
edited June 2019 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
Not sure about the cause but I am unable to slot the new event. My five event slots are empty. When I click on the Select button for the new Event, it grays out but does not populate an Active Event slot. I have changed instances, Fed toons, and such but still am unable to slot the event. Is any one else having this issue?

Correction. The event WILL NOT SLOT on fed toons. It has slotted on NON-Fed toons.

UPDATE - I believe that a work around is to try each open slot. Select one and then select the project. At some point the project will slot. I hope this help if anyone else has issues.
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  • ltminnsltminns Member Posts: 12,286 Arc User
    I had that problem last night as well on a Federation and Discovery Character. It would slot in position 2 but not position 1.
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