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First Order of War lvl 77 Recruiting

teetee1235teetee1235 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
1stOOW Fleet lvl 77 recruiting
1st Order of War: Enjoy!

We managed to take this fleet to lvl#77 in just a few months.
Now we are settling for the long haul.

We are home to a large variety of player types,
no contributions, minimum rank or mandatory participation.
If your toon shows no signs of activity in fleet life or contributions,
it simply may be removed after a few months to make room for active players,
but can always re-join.

We are preparing celebration events for completing the 1st Starbse5 projects, 1st anniversary etc.
While we don't mind Solo player, we are explicitly in recruitment mode
for active players who might enjoy chat and active fleet life. New players welcome.

we offer
- active Discord
- Website
- Part of active Armada with Veteran & Expert players, fully built Armada sister fleets
- ongoing and special events
- material help, advice and play assistance for new players
- KDF & Roleplay affiliates

please simply mail or message community manager
@sissyfuzz, founders
@Dragon Jay0877#5392 or
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