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United Fleet Operations Looking For members

fearless3791fearless3791 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
We are looking for active members, The video explains a bit, we can explain more, join us discord. link is in the video's Description Thanks

@Fearless3 ingame


  • fearless3791fearless3791 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited April 7
    The United Fleet Operations is a welcoming and social community, open to all players in Star Trek Online. We care about our members, need assistance there is always someone available in our discord, or in-game armada chat, who are happy to help out.

    We don't lock access to fleet stores behind insurmountable, or excessive minimum contributions. We know you want to try out all that great fleet gear, because it's fun! We'll always try to help you make your game is fun, for YOU! and with full access to fully leveled holding armada wide the good stuff is reachable too. we have procedures in place for all UFO members, including fleet map invites and Temporary fleet transfers. Additionally, we don't measure your contributions in fleet credits. Your activity, participation, and reputation all weigh more the credits in the This Armada.

    We are also looking for active fleets with good leaders, leaders need to have Voice ability in Discord and suit our style, Each fleet leader in the United Fleet Operations has a voice, this is a coalition of fleets, not a one man show like most. That said you can understand our need to have good active leaders with good communication skills and willing to follow set procedures for induction. Please contact a leader when you enter our discord and we can fill you in fully.

    Ready to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life, and new civilizations, to go where thousands of UFO members have gone before? You're in luck, we don't have hoity toity applications, and we welcome all Star Trek Online Players! The best way to reach out to us is in-game email, or private message! You may contact any fleet leader, or X.O. for the fleet you wish to join. We'll be glad to send an invite right away! Also, if you see us exploring the galaxy or repelling a borg invasion, give us a shout! All members the United Fleet Operations are able to invite new friends!
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