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Looking Forward to make a New Fresh Fleet in STO for Federation Pruposes (Roleplay Familiar) PVE PVP

amsterdamkamsterdamk Member Posts: 1 Arc User
Being Veteran from 2012, Ive being missing so much to play it again cause I cant find another game as it is SWG, STO or the coming Far Away Star Citizen about content and enjoy.

I want to prupose for make a new Fleet of members who missed up the new content for discover together how to create a good role played fleet in STO.

Is needed minimun 5 members who wants to play some days per week, then casuals are welcome after controlled times.

Familiar, Respect, Fun, Learn and Teach as in my part open for PVE and also PVP.

*Looking for some name as "7th Fleet" "23th Fleet" "13th Fleet" or open to ideas in between the Fed Role.

Languajes: English or Spanish is also welcome, but better with english knowledge.

Greetz Admirals!
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