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Battle Cloak issue - Cannot disengage cloak if damage incurred

natecoznatecoz Member Posts: 3 Arc User
I noticed a potential bug, while in the current version of Star Trek Online for Xbox. I am able to reproduce the bug consistently.

When a ship with a battle cloak takes damage either while transitioning to a cloaked state, or while cloaked, the cloak button will no longer disengage the cloak. The only way to reset the cloaking state is to incur enough damage to destroy the ship, engage with a dialog that automatically uncloaks the ship, or to abandon a mission, and enter it again.

For example, when flying a scimitar, if I take any sort of damage (such as a DoT on the ship, or damage from a warp core breach nearby) while cloaked, or while attempting to cloak, the cloak button no longer disengages the visual elements of the cloak; furthermore, while cloaked, I cannot attack, to automatically disengage the cloak.

To reproduce the issue:
1. Fly a ship with a battle cloak (this also does not appear to be limited to just Romulan ships)
2. While engaged in combat, or while the ship is sustaining damage from a DoT, engage the battle cloak
3. Wait for the cloak sequence to complete
4. Toggle the cloak again, to attempt to uncloak; the ship will remain cloaked.

I have been able to reproduce the issue on all of the T1-T5 ships that I selected while leveling, the T6 Scimitar class dreadnoughts, and the Cardassian Intel T6 vessels. Based on others' reports, other battle cloaks (such as Klingon, or Federation battle cloaks) may also be affected.

This is related to customer service incident "190315-000653"
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