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"Mass Salvage"

fury#0751 fury Member Posts: 33 Arc User
Maybe the game doesn't need that much salvage and I should be salvaging less, but at the moment, to salvage only availabe on the right click menu it is tedious to salvage all the items I want to salvage.

* Add a salvage all button somewhere. I am a grown up and will put protection on any salvageable items I don't want salvaged.
* Move salvage to a crafting station of some kind with an inventory that can be filled (i.e. a bank like interface) and then salvaged, OR a vendor style interface that lists all salvagable items.


  • tom61stotom61sto Member Posts: 2,951 Arc User
    Yeah, something like the Replicator and Recycle tab for getting EC, but for Salvage instead would be very handy (maybe just add another tab to the Replicator). There's gain Salvage in Personal Endeavors, and the hard is 3000, so they are nudging you into doing quantity Salvage too. Outside of that, I do Salvage a fair bit on my crafting/upgrading/box opening character so I can Re-Engineer a lot of things for sale, as well as building back reserves after doing a large change on a given character (like changing to a new set of weapons).
  • imei21imei21 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Salvage all but with a drop-down to exclude/include item levels so you could put a check beside Common for example and have all your common level gear salvaged.
  • arionisaarionisa Member Posts: 1,409 Arc User
    I think Toms idea of a replicator tab for salvage would be the best option. A salvage all button would be way too prone to cause mass complaints as way too many players would end up salvaging everything they own by accident. A salvage tab, which would bring up all salvageable items, (and only salvageable items) would make you confirm every item to help avoid accidentally salvaging something you didn't mean to, while still allowing you to quickly salvage everything you wanted. Granted, it would be a lot slower than having a salvage all button, but it would 1000X faster than the current method, at the same time it adds a layer of protection against those "oh TRIBBLE" moments that we are all prone to, some a heel of a lot more than others.
    LTS and loving it.
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