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Diversity Fleet is now recruiting!

Diversity Fleet is recruiting new members! We are a level 9 fleet with regularly scheduled events, tier 2 starbase, friendly social chat, fleet amenities, and more! We are pleased to be expanding our presence in STO, and are happy to open our ranks to new members of all sorts. Occasional/casual players through hardcore veterans are very welcome, and everyone in the middle! We have no activity/donation requirements; prospective members may see our fleet's rules in advance of joining.

We are the Star Trek Online branch of a large RPG community online. Diversity Fleet offers weekly chatroom, message board, and MMO-based role-playing in both the Star Trek and Star Wars universes. We have been hosting strong role-playing since 2003, and we are very pleased to accept new players. Members are not required to join the role-playing games; all activities (including RP) are optional!

For further information, send a direct message or mail to @juliaquintus#4106

New members also interested in becoming part of our role-playing games or community more broadly may fill out the brief application form on our website.


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    marcase2marcase2 Member Posts: 103 Arc User
    edited March 2019
    Greetings and salutations !

    The 44th Fleet has always tried to setup an RP game within its global community, with mixed results - since we have STO players from all over the world the different time-zones play havoc with organizing gatherings.
    Rather than reinventing the wheel, to restart Star Trek RP we'd like to offer you a position in our 44th Fleet STO Armada - we have a gamma position in the game available - so we can point our many fleet-members interested in RPing over to you.

    In return, we offer our full services as a Top tier Star Trek Online fleet and armada (both Fed and KDF), with invites to all our Fed/KDF Tier V stores and completed fleet holdings. In addition we can provide many donations to your fleet holdings to accelerate their completion - this saves you from having to complete these on your own.

    Check out our website, our history, and you may notice that our fleet rules are quite similar to yours (no "must attends", no drama).

    Feel free to contact me here, in-game (as @marcase) or via our discord.

    The Mighty 44th. Boldly bashing Borgs to bits since 2010.

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