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Frequent crash/freeze in STO

I recently came back to STO. I've noticed frequent crashing, sometimes triggered by simple things like navigating across sector space.

First, let me define 'crash'. The whole system hangs, with the sound stuck in a loop (about a half-second loop, sounds like buzzing). I have to hit the reset button on the PC to reboot, as nothing is responding.

I have recently been playing many other high-end games on the PC without issue, but STO seems to be doing something that triggers this often (3-5 times per play session).

It used to be that I could force DX9 in STO to alleviate this, but I see they've gone and removed that option. This makes me think it's somehow DirectX related, but specific to STO, as other DirectX games do not do this.

I have tried updating the relevant drivers (chipset, graphics, etc). I have run memtests, video torture tests, power supply torture tests, moved STO to a different physical drive, run tests and diagnostics on the hard drives, etc, nothing causes this hang except STO. I've enabled "reduced file streaming" in the STO options, disabled core parking on the CPU cores, everything I could find from older posts on this topic. I deleted STO and fully re-downloaded it, in case of any corrupt files or settings in the gameprefs.prefs.

I also switched the game to run full-screen instead of windowed, shut down other apps while playing. I've disabled the other sound devices (ie digital outputs, HDMI audio output, etc) so that windows only sees the one sound device, again based on earlier posts of this being caused by STO confused about multiple output device options.

I'm kinda stumped and stuck now, and would appreciate any (modern) advice about things I could try on this.

System specs:

AMD 990FX chipset

On-motherboard Realtek sound chip

8-core Volan CPU

GeForce GT1060 3gb video card

16gb dual-channel G.Skill Ripjaws memory

Samsung 840 EVO 250gb SSD drive (where STO is now)

Seagate 4tb 7200rpm rotational disk (where STO used to be)

Windows 10 pro 64-bit

Brand-new Thermaltake Toughpower 750W PSU (previous PSU was causing issues in other areas, so I replaced it)

System is running cool, temperature monitors are all in happy ranges while gaming.

Voltages are steady, well within the tolerance ranges while gaming


  • wesgunder1wesgunder1 Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    Same Issue Complete system Lockup, though on the last one today it didn't kill the computer for a change and was able to just sent a crytic error report (finally). Not like it helps any but yes according to the submitted error report it has to do with directx handling in STO
  • vulcanmonkvulcanmonk Member Posts: 131 Arc User
    Same issue here, freezes PC, twice this evening.
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