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***PC: Armada opening - Beta and possible Gamma fleet positions openings***

starcruiser#3423 starcruiser Member Posts: 527 Arc User
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There is a great opportunity for a Beta fleet and its gammas opening with an established fleet at level higher than 800 plus and climbing.

What's in it for your fleet?

We can help run Colony Sims or help with ANY provisions as needed. Alpha fleet is almost done with last Colony Tier holding and we will be able to help our sisters fleets.
We have well established leadership and will not sit through empty corporate meetings nor tolerate drama among our ranks. Armada is well structured and functions properly with as much more or little input as needed. We believe that the sum is more important than its individual parts (or fleets).
We run several events weekly and include armada fleets if they choose to be involved.

What we are seeking for?
Beta rank - The fleet would have to have proven compatible style of leadership to Armada. Active members of about 5-10 per day and overall rating of 70 or above. If you already have some gamma fleets under you or wish to relocate from other armadas you are also welcome and might prioritize if you already have gammas with you. Otherwise, we will work together to get some gammas recruited.

Gamma rank - We would accept gammas on a case by case basis depending on leadership, activity level and overall fleet ranking. We are very inclusive and encourage ALL or any fleets looking for a better home to talk to us.

Feel free to mail me via forums. This is a confidential search and will give all information only to solid inquiries.

Thanks for your interest!​​
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