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32nd Fleet (RP) recruiting

remtimtimk9a0remtimtimk9a0 Member Posts: 5 Arc User
If you like to RP whether it's light or full scale the 32nd Fleet is right for you. We have our discord with various channels from general chat to chats with builds. We have people always willing to lend a hand be it for missions, or maybe you just want a ship from the lobi store whatever it is we got you covered!

we have RP sessions onboard our ships, stations, or wherever we go. If you don't want to be a run of the mill Starfleet crewmember then you can join me, I am currently building a M.A.C.O. detachment to augment our security forces or providing that assault force when diplomacy fails. If you are interested shoot me a comment here or message me in game: Jacen [email protected] <====this is a zero

Live long and prosper
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