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Posting a Poll in Forums

I see STO Forums will help you set up a poll, however the only design I can get out of the poll builder is a simple "List of options, pick 1". I can probably work with that, but would really prefer either a multiple choice poll, or a multi-part poll.

A multi-part poll would look like:

Question 1:
- Yes
- No
- Maybe

Question 2:
- Lots
- Less
- More or less
- Who cares?

Obviously I could do a separate poll for each question but it would get messy. I can probably figure out the BB Code for making multi-part and multiple choice polls on my own.

My question is, does anyone know if STO/ARC forum software strictly limits polls to the 1-question, 1-pick style; or would a multi-part poll show up correctly if I built it myself in BBCode and just pasted it into a new forum message?
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