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Tips and Tricks for Task Force Operations, Events, and Missions

baddmoonrizinbaddmoonrizin Member Posts: 6,412 Community Moderator
Welcome Captains!

These are the Star Trek Online Tips and Tricks Guides for: Task Force Operations, Events, and Missions

The purpose of this thread series is to provide a central repository for seeking and offering advice, tactics, builds, etc., for Task Force Operations, Events, and missions in-game.

Have a question? Have advice? Know of an effective build? Best tactics to get the optionals?

Share your experiences here!

The idea is to help players be more successful and have a more positive experience when playing these missions.

Please adhere to the Community Rules & Policies, as well as, the Frequently Created Threads rules when posting in this thread.

Thank you for your participation in making the Star Trek Online Forum Community a helpful and positive experience for all players. Engage!

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