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Stuck on patching after a crash

The game just crash and when I've tried to launch it again it is stuck on patching. No progress bar at all. just stuck. Can someone help?


  • liorb77liorb77 Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    Solved by rebooting my PC.
  • mezdec#5440 mezdec Member Posts: 1 New User
    I don't have permissions to post yet, so I am commenting on this post to hopefully have my issue answered. My STO Launcher is patching the game, but with my ISP I tend to drop signal every 20 minutes or so. Unfortunately, it seems the Launcher totally resets game download when this happens instead of picking up where download left off as if it was paused. Most other games, or large download files recognize and continue where it left off. Is this indeed the case, that I have to be able to download the entire STO game (16gb) in a single sitting with no disconnects of internet service?
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