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If you could choose one thing from STO to have in real life...



  • jkwrangler2010jkwrangler2010 Member Posts: 231 Arc User
    A holodeck.
  • risian6#1997 risian6 Member Posts: 128 Arc User
    A holodeck.

    But... that's like playing the game. We can already do that ;)
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    Now that that's made clear... on to the next issue: when are playable Voth coming, and where's are my T7 Vesta and C-store purchasable real life shuttle? :)
  • lordgyorlordgyor Member Posts: 2,804 Arc User
    Replicators, I'd end world hunger, and proverty. I'd be adored by billions!
  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Member Posts: 35,165 Arc User
    lordgyor wrote: »
    Replicators, I'd end world hunger, and proverty. I'd be adored by billions!
    Everyone loves Replicators!
    My character Tsin'xing
  • wraithshadow13wraithshadow13 Member Posts: 1,551 Arc User
    If anything, I would want my ship/crew. Not even based on the ship type, either. Do you know just how many problems Transporter technology can solve in that show? Assuming that it actually IS you and not just an exact copy after you've been torn apart on the molecular level...

    You know.

    After that, maybe the ability of player customization, in terms of being able to choose how we look and perform, building ourselves out in a really cool way. Given the LTS status, I would totally go for Liberated traits and max regen, because, you know... Immortality (minus death by damage) and all.
  • w00qw00q Member Posts: 121 Arc User
    Leeta, and not the hologram type ;)
    (Just kidding)

    But seriously, the Replicators would be good, solving a lot of the world's practical food needs provided we have lots of energy to power it. A nomination for Nobel Prize in Science for whoever invents it in real life!
  • valoreahvaloreah Member Posts: 10,460 Arc User
    Seven of Nine
    Dear Devs: I enjoyed the Legacy of Romulus expansion much more than the Delta Rising expansion. .
    thecosmic1 wrote:
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  • startrekronstartrekron Member Posts: 231 Arc User
    Industrial Replicators, you could make just about everything else in STO.
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  • majorcharvenakmajorcharvenak Member Posts: 183 Arc User
    jonsills wrote: »
    Replicators. Hands down.

    First thing do to, of course, is to start replicating replicators... :smile:

    +1 this.

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  • warmaker001bwarmaker001b Member Posts: 9,140 Arc User
    The immortality and invincibility of our characters.
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