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My character/ship gets stuck, but can still see other people move

I have actually had this problem on and off since I started playing STO, across three different (albeit awful) ISPs. But basically the server seems to no longer receive any inputs from me, my ship or character just goes into a loop, moving a little and rubber banding back. Yet I can see other people move around, I can be destroyed or killed (if in a mission or queue). It won't let me log out, change characters, or do anything but alt-F4 to close it.

It used to happen rarely, but in the last couple weeks it hits me about 10-15 minutes into playing. If I am lucky, I can do one queue or patrol or whatever.

I used to have my PC connect to the router via wi-fi, but I recently changed routers and hooked it up direct with ethernet. The old way, I would just disconnect the wifi, wait for the client to detect there was no internet and kick me back to the log-in screen. But now I can't do that and have to exit completely.

Any ideas on what causes this? I've played dozens of MMORPGs and the only other one I've had the problem with is Champions Online
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