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32nd Fleet, a home for all new players

sebmystosebmysto Member Posts: 9 Arc User
The 32nd fleet (Fed) Kahless Qeylls Chaq (KDF) are ready to welcome you all.
Our objective is simple, take in new players, help them out through game content. Help them with their builds and give them access to fleet items so that they can enjoy the game to its fullest potential.

Our fleets use discord channels to provide tons of information on everything you need to know to get the best out of the free to play concept of the game.

The senior members of the fleet are there to take you in and share their know how, run missions with you, help you craft gears and all of that for free, because the more of us reach higher levels of mastery the more fun the game becomes.

We also have run Alpha, Beta, and Charlie attack wings to run the TFO maps on normal, advance and elite. These teems are created based on the skills of each player, no one is turned down. Our objective here is to bring new players from Charlie teams to Alpha teams in order to tackle the elite material and enjoy better rewards.

So if you feel like learning more about the game, feel free to send me a private message in game at T'[email protected] and I'll invite you right away.

Or leave your handle here.

Live long and prosper

Senior Command Officer
32nd Fleet Armada


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