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Unsure where it belongs - improvement suggestion/workaround to accidental double or triple clicks

Hello, I am unsure where this topic belongs as it's not a bug of STO but instead some accommodation I wish STO to have for an issue which presented for probably some months on some windows and other systems - one mouse click tends very frequently to register as double or trippe (or worse) click* for all, though this seems more difficult for some.

Effect on STO - couldn't initially complete the Breen mission (Cold Case?) which requires a precise answers' dialogue
(a fail in a dialogue is critical to the mission and causes it fail as a whole) I had to actually enable mouse keys in universal access and use the keyboard to press for that mission's dialogue options specifically (finished on 1st try after that), after multiple failures due to non intended double clicks.

My request: please consider a double click happens now more frequently than not (at least for some people. It's a huge annoyance, STO is NOT the cause and not affected alone, but st least STO could help accommodating with a workaround for this critical dialogue quest) and allow a delay/other workaround such as requiring a new click if possible, in order to not have any very rapid double click on a dialogue option, being carried over to a next dialogue, which possibly results in an immediate mission failure.

I think even a half a second-second delay could help! I don't know if a long single click registered as multiple or if a very rapid and "gentle" click is caught too sesitively, but it's so for me so that one click doubles and triples more often than not, and others saw a similar issue too though not as frequent as me.

*To try to see the problem in the "OS", try for example to use a basic graphic calculator on the OS using mouse instead of keyboard for a while. Try it on different times, and I think you can eventually see the issue to some extent. - This regarding a system issue of multiple clicks registering instead of the intended one.
This seems to have affect me more than people without difficulties, though it seems to affect all in some amount, but the issue lies within the "OS" or something like that, not STO.
However I ask for a workaround (add a small delay in dialogue and/or otherwise - e.g. have a new click needed too for next dialogue, if possible), even if the problem is NOT caused by STO and NOT of STO.


  • rndfluctuation#1470 rndfluctuation Member Posts: 813 Arc User
    To clarify/additional info

    This happened to me on windows 7 AND "unsupported system" (some kind of linux) too.
    More than one other reported "multiplication" of mouse clicks, and I think they use windows 10. It seems to appear some months ago or worsening by then at least.

    I don't know what it may be and am a technical newbie in that regard, but STO is not the issue/cause AFAIK. It happens all over the "OS". Maybe some kind of a driver update or other type of update, though it happens allegedly on multiple platforms.

    Long things short, if not read the 1st post: I don't report a bug just ask for a workaround, if possible.
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