Are You #Silly4Tilly?



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    No, but this is silly.

    Who in the marketing department thought this was a good slogan?
    +1 vote from me. Not sure that slogan is very appropriate and it certainty isn't a good idea. Normally the phase “silly for inset name” is when your talking about someone madly in love with someone else for example Dave is silly about Sally. So saying Are You #Silly4Tilly? Is saying are you madly in love with Tilly. This PR comes across as unneeded sexualization of the Tilly character.

    Being in love with someone isn't sexualizing them.

    I agree.

    A person can love work (what people call careers), love life, love great movies and/or food, and even have loved ones.
    But the saying “Silly 4 inset name” isn’t used for loving work, careers, moves, food and the rest. Its about a person acting silly while trying to impress someone they are in love with. Or on a night out it’s used to describe someone who fancys someone else and is acting silly to impress so they can get it bed with them.

    It doesn’t feel appropriate to be using a slogan like that here.

    It's going to be one of those days, I suppose.

    #Silly4Tilly is one of those twitter things that people like to use. Since I'm not a Twitter user, I've no idea what the hashtag is for or what not.

    Silly and Tilly rhyme, which makes it catchy. She is a favourite Star Trek character for a number of people, and saying silly is like saying crazy in a fun way. So when someone's silly for Tilly, it's like they are crazy for her.

    And since she is a Star Trek character, having such a promotion is fitting for STO, just as if it was for a t-shirt with a character's face, or a starship or what not from one of the various Star Trek television shows or movies.

    None of my friends or relatives (that I know of) plays (or wants to play) this game, so this contest is not for me, regardless of how I feel about Tilly. So it doesn't matter to me.

    But there are people who do really care, and are able to do what needs to be done to win the t-shirts or the T6 ship. I wish them all the best :)
    It must be a different culture thing. It might be catchy but it still for me feels wrong and inappropriate to use a slogan that we use to describe people acting up to impress a girl/boy on a night on. Its not a nice slogan and shouldn't be used for PR at least over here.

    To put it another way if I went into work and said Tim over there is acting silly for Tilly or any other name and there was person with that name at work if it was true they would be pulled up for inappropriate behaviour.
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    You can't get silly for Tilly willy-nilly.
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    The only thing I would be silly for is her fantastic body. Especially the Mirror Tilly.
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    hastags are the air quotes for the antisocial media generation.

    Except they're even more cringeworthy when someone actually says hashtag.

    Surprisingly risky catchphrase to use, given the militant nature of the internet these days, where someone might take offence at the term silly being applied to that particular character.