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Expertise Available GUI error/glitch?

kaggert27kaggert27 Member Posts: 111 Arc User
https://imgur.com/YaGLx79 (for those who don't see image due to whatever reason, link to imgur)

So I've noticed since I guess the last patch that my Available Expertise was way higher than normal on characters...and realized it was displaying the amount Earned vs what you actually can use (I think...).

So anyone else have this on their end?


  • benselassem#4731 benselassem Member Posts: 112 Arc User
    I recently could fill any expertise requirements in both fleet and reputation projects, just to realize that I have a negative value of tens of thousands when I tried to train my BOffs. So I believe I'm experiencing that, too. Now to grind grind expertise in that outdated ship...
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  • digitalmagik#9265 digitalmagik Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited September 2018
    Same issue here, shows 4.5mil on toon in fleet menu when contributing but from train boff screen negative 1 mil,, sent report and live assistance was no help, has anyone found a resolution?
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