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Stats missing on Recon Ships [T6]

where2r1where2r1 Member Posts: 5,924 Arc User
edited September 2018 in C-Store, ZEN, and Promotions
In the description in the C-store....there is the entire write up that was in the Blog (WALL OF TEXT, btw) but.....

There are no stats listed for the Ketha Recon Raptor [T6].

No entry at all for:
Minimum Rank
Hull Strength
Shield Modifier
Fore Weapons
Aft Weapons
Device Slots
Bridge Officer Stations
Console Modifications
Base Turn Rate
Impulse Modifier

And because I wanted to give up my precious DOFFing time just to search this crazy mess of a C-storefront...I looked up the FED counterpart:

Lafayette-Class Recon Destroyer [T6] suffers from the same fate. No stats listed.

Need I make a bug report about this?
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