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Captain Attack Patterns?

I've been having a look at the console versions of STO specifically at the way some abilities are triggered. There's a way of pressing one button to activate many abilities. Yes this is called a keybind but I'm pretty sure we can make this more interesting. The problem is that theres loadsss of abilities and it's just getting more and more difficult to activate them in a way that doesn't leave you button mashing for nearly a minute at a time.

Every captain from the shows have their own personal attack pattern (keybinds haha), and with an alert crew, boffs use certain abilities together in a certain order, given the type of pattern the captain orders up, right?

So, if I were to use "Attack Pattern Wren 5", it activates all my damage buffs without me having to press individual abilities.

Maybe they can be mix and matched in a new system that could give minor bonuses depending on which type of abilities used ie, 3 tac, 3 sci, 3 eng boff abilities used in one attack pattern might give increase to flight speed, shield and hull HP. Maybe there should be a cap on the number of abilities used in one attack pattern?

What do gamers think?
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