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Can’t upgrade Reputation rewards

saintgeorge67saintgeorge67 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
Hi. I posted a ticket and was also advised to post here. I have several reputation items below on my Romulan and Klingon that I can’t upgrade past the original very rare mark 12. I have the right upgrade items but the below never appear in the upgrade screen (either equipped or unequipped), whereas on my Starfleet character I upgraded every equivalent Temporal and Terran item no problem.

Experimental Romulan plasma beam array x2
Romulan hyper-plasma torpedo launcher x2
Reman advanced prototype shield x2
Reman advanced prototype deflector x2
Reman advanced prototype impulse engines x2

Kinetic cutting beam x1
Omega plasma torpedo launcher x1
Klingon honor guard shield (ship) x2
Klingon honor guard deflector x2
Klingon honor guard impulse engines x2
Assimilated module console x1
Klingo honor guard armour x1
Klingon honor guard personal shield x1

My usernames and screenshots were provided in the ticket should you need them.

Please can you look into it and hopefully help me upgrade them.



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