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System Rebooting @ Character Select

Hi Guys. I've been playing STO on my current PC for at least 3 years or so without any issues. Over the past few weeks I've been experiencing random reboots, typically at the character selection screen (switching characters in that interface seems a bit choppy as well), and once in a while when zoning into an instance / queue. I'm not receiving any blue screen or error message - the system goes black and restarts. I'm experiencing similar issues with Neverwinter as well.

For what its worth, I'm running a GTX 970 and my drivers are current.

Not quite sure where to start here. Any feedback would be appreciated.


  • arionisaarionisa Member Posts: 1,413 Arc User
    While I am no expert on such things, I don't think there is anything within STO itself that could cause your system to reboot itself.

    You can try checking the logs in your STO directory to see what, if anything, the game itself reported, however your best bet is to check your windows event logs. Even if it is the game itself somehow causing your system to reboot, Windows almost certainly logged it to Events.

    For Win 10, start menu, windows administrative tools, event viewer. Once in there, the first place to look is at, Windows logs, system. Easiest thing is to do it immediately after a reboot occurs as the log will be very recent. If you know what time a reboot occurred, you can also just scroll down to that time frame. What you are specifically looking for is any red flags from the same time as the reboot. You just select that one and see what it says occurred, after that, Googling that error is your best bet.

    Don't lock yourself in to only results for STO (or Neverwinter), the same solution that works for just about any program causing that same error usually works for all programs. I have found, and solved, a number of "STO" problems using the above method and found the solution in a Forum about Dragons Age, some other game, or even programs other than games.

    I almost forgot, checking areas other than "system" for logs with the same time stamp can be helpful as Windows will usually have a log of things that all occurred at the same time but only flag the one that actually resulted in the reboot/crash as an actual error.
    LTS and loving it.
  • ekypyrosekypyros Member Posts: 179 Arc User
    edited July 2018
    Well 3 Years ... anytime Open PC Case and Clean CPU and GFX Card Fans ?
    Hear to me to Overheating Problem from CPU .... all over 78 Degress Celsius let him reboot
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