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Odd Log In Issue - Timing Out

I had a problem with the patch server not responding for about 30 minutes or so. When I am finally able to log into STO and start a patrol, the game times out within a minute or so and will not respond to re-log attempts. When I try to restart the game, I get greeted with the Patch Server not responding issue again. This repeats.

It is not a connection issue on my end, although to be safe I rebooted PC, and router, modem, etc. All is ok on my end. I try again to join STO and am greeted by long log in issue. Once in game, I join a queue and again, timed out and booted to log in screen. At which point I am unable to re-log and must stop the game and relaunch it to no avail as the patch server issue comes up again.

I haven't had this issue before in nearly 5 years of game play. Just wondering if any one knows whats going on. Much thanks.
What happened to those unique forum ranks I paid for?
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