Day-night cycle in Risa

Will there be a day-night cycle in Risa this year at the summer event?
The night in Risa has always been beautiful, I would like to see her again :(:'(

Thank you


  • szim
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    Nope. Lighting 2.0 makes day/night cycles impossible (or at least far too difficult and costly to implement). So no, we will most likely never see it again.
  • kodachikuno
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    ^what he/she/it said
    lighting 2.0 somehow broke the concept of a light source that moves in a linear path
  • iamynaught
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    Lighting 2.0, the upgrade that wasn't.
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  • tyler002
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    Maybe if you're really lucky, they'll make an item that makes it look like night to you. Probably in an R&D Promo Pack.

    Got better chances of getting a full Borg Collective faction that doesn't incite rage, though.
  • swamarian
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    Neverwinter's doing something with a day/night cycle in their next expansion.
  • nommo#5819
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    Cryptic should figure out a work-around for this problem they created. If Risa had this dilemma they'd probably create some artificial means to cycle through a night(ish) time on Risa. Then again, Cryptic isn't known for their correcting issues if it gets pass a 3 month period unless there's a financial incentive.
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  • rattler2
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    nommo#5819 wrote: »
    If Risa had this dilemma they'd probably create some artificial means to cycle through a night(ish) time on Risa.

    Wonder if its possible to alternate day and night by instance. For example Even numbered instances are day and odd numbered instances are night.

    The downside might be needed a second copy of the Risa map with the nighttime skybox and lighting. And putting in the code to say "This instance will be day, that instance will be night"...

    Ok might be more complicated to impliment than its worth... :/
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  • baddmoonrizin
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    Yay! The annual return of the Risa Day/Night Cycle thread!*

    Folks, you are in luck! This is now part of the FCT with full explanations as to why this cannot function at this point in time. Thanks for playing and see you on the beach! B)

    *Same goes for Bajor.

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