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Keep Your Enemies Closer (Starbase 157)

kaithan1975kaithan1975 Member Posts: 903 Arc User
edited April 2018 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
Boffs get stuck at every single door. You can get some through with rally point, but have to relog to get them all through the door.



  • arionisaarionisa Member Posts: 1,421 Arc User
    What usually works for me in other maps might works there. Go back into the previous room, send all your boffs as far away from the door as possible using rally points. Go into the next room, as far from the door as possible, then release your boffs from the rally point one at a time.

    Although in some areas your Boffs will basically stand right on top of each other, in most areas it is obvious that the game coding includes a set minimum separation distance between Boffs, and between the Boffs and the player. When it comes to doorways and other narrow passages, it appears as though the pathing algorithm assigns an order in which the Boffs will pass through. If one Boff is too close to a door/area while the one designated as next by the pathing is trying to pass through, you end up in a stand off. The one trying to go through can't without violating the minimum separation distance, meanwhile the one causing the "blockage" is just going to stand there patiently waiting their turn.

    Sending them all away from the door and then releasing them all at once usually gets the same result. they will all head for the door in a bunch and only after getting close to the door do all except the one assigned to go first stop, with at least one of the others too close to the door. Releasing them one at a time prevents that.

    Again, this is just conjecture from observation while playing, but it also seems that the pathing order for going through the door gets assigned the moment the player actually goes through the door, which is why sending them all away from the door and then trying to get them to go through usually doesn't work as the only one that will go through to door is the one the system has already assigned as being first. Going back into the previous room erases the pathing assignment as your boffs are now told to follow you around the room you are in instead of trying to follow you into the next room. Locking them all to a rally point before going into the next room means they do not get assigned a follow order. As each one is released, they are told to move into the next room with you as the rest are still locked to a rally point.

    The first paragraph is the only "fact" here. It almost always works for me no matter what map I'm on. the rest is just my guesswork as to why it happens, and why my solution seems to work.

    BTW, my solution does not work well in the mission where you have the changeling and the vorta along. The vorta especially almost always moves very close to the door, but will not go through until everyone else has. Meanwhile no one else will go through the door due to the vorta being too close to it and nothing I do gets him to move his worthless carcass away from the door.
    LTS and loving it.
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