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Tailor for DOFFs unable to load on most Duty Officers

terrarelicterrarelic Member Posts: 2 Arc User
a few days ago i created a char,
recruited 8 purple romulan officers
i was able to tailor them all and edit costumes.
since delta came out i decided to restart said character.
bought all new doffs.

1 out of 14, was able to properly be tailored.
all of them have missing costume pieces
1 may have medical jacket, the other cannot, even if they are the same class (sci)
others cannot have the romulan klingon 1 jacket (ie tact)

ive sepnt 1.5 million ECs on buying and forcefully having to delete chars
simply because they cant be outfit loaded, or even manually recreated.

help or repairs to the tailor and/or the save outfit needs to be addressed.


  • ashstorm1ashstorm1 Member Posts: 623 Arc User
    Alas, the tailor has always been plagued with bugs and discrepancies as to which kind of BOFF does and doesn't have access to the full array of normally accessible customization options. The issue has been addressed multiple times by multiple people, but so far, no significant fix seems to have been released.
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