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PVP-Just hear me out here..This aint a poll or TRIBBLE like that..



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    it is laughable to say PVP is the cash cow and without it STO is dead. the RP crowd is bigger than the PVP crowd, the Space barbie crowd bigger than RP and the casual player segment the biggest yet, EASILY 75% of the users.

    I guess I'm a mutant then. I'm BOTH Space Barbie and Casual!

    Me in PvE:

    Me after a PvP (Or Korfez):

    I can hold my own. But when it comes to other players... unless they're in the same bracket as me... well... *points up at second picture*

    Its pretty much true of any MMO with PvP. You're going to have people who are great at PvE, but get vaped in PvP because of a difference in experience level and gear. A good example is from my old Draenei Paladin in WoW years ago. She was able to hold her own questing, but... oneshot by Death Knights in a PvP area. Hell... I got the Scorpion treatment from two in a row before I could even react! Boom, Boom, Dead.

    Forcing it on anyone is a bad idea.
    And as nixie said... the majority of players are NOT PvP.

    I am the same Rattler, I am a retired hybrid PvE & PvP player myself. I remember the days where i came out looking like your second picture, lol :).

    Reasons i stopped PvPing? well, its multiple reasons

    1) Cryptic have made several mistakes, notably with releasing some gear and traits that never have should have seen the light of day. Also, there continued release of Shield & armour bypassing abilities and weapons, along with insane engine speed capability now, just makes it ricdalous.

    Also, I know you need to increase weapon, console, traits or "power creep" to keep this game running financially. But please maybe reign it in a bit. I know that is extremely difficult, and of course, easier said than done. But maybe, try not to be too gun-ho :)

    2) PvP Community - The PvP community has to take almost equal blame for the current state as well. A lot of times, abilities would be bugged, and cryptic would alot of times take a bit longer than usual to fix them. However, increasing larger parts of the PvP community would realize the bugged nature, and exploit it without limit. Sadly, this became the "norm" and fewer people would take a stand and go "I am not using this" instead, they would go "Cryptic did it, so i can use it always without taking any of the blame" without caring what it was doing to the shinking community, or people who tried to get in.

    Also, the PvP community, has become extremely closed off. In days of old, us in PvP would share our builds, our weapons, even with non PvPers are tell them how we built our ships, some of our tactics, as well as the times we got our arses kicked :) This would allow others to try and build ships to beat us, in turn, we would learn new things, then attempt a counter counter build. Of course there was good natured trash talking (ahhh, Ker'rat of old) but we always wanted a fight we would enjoy, or someone to surprise us with a build no one saw coming.

    This tied into (i still hope it exists) the Cracked Planet Ker'rat honour code. Two players would face each other, and duel it out. While a majority of players in ker'rat would sit at 25km range, and watch the duel, and comment about their respective builds (also allowed us to ruthlessly destroy anyone who tried to interrupt :) )

    Sadly, now these days, the majority of the community is extremely stand-off like. Even when they post videos, they hide their buffs, or blank out their chat windows, or anything to maybe allow someone to analyse and see how they might do something. This would allow people to become curious, and maybe go "yeah, its alot of work, but i want to see if i can do the same thing". When people try to ask them about their builds, or point out they have hidden everything, they get extremely nasty and aggressive.

    It is my opinion, if you PvP, you should disclose everything. Honesty, whats there to hide. You lead by example, if you are closed off, unwilling to negotiate and come off as aggressive, you are not going to get a warm reception.

    All sides (cryptic, PvE and PvP players are at fault here, lets not tip toe around it) However, we can move forward.

    But it is going to take some sacrifice. PvEers, please try to stop being so aggressive and blaming every nerf on PvPers. Some of the nerfs have come when PvEers look at a ability or trait, and know straight away the thing is silly or OP. I know, because i have seen some discussions on reddit/sto and the build crew when something comes out. Point of order, the honoured dead trait.

    Cryptic, i know you financially need for a new area to work. But if possible, please try to look into a "vanilla" PvP that is tied into the game, co-existing. No traits, no sets, PvP of old like just after F2P launched. I think one of your devs said they would like PvP fights to occur over minutes, and not seconds (but still keeping vape capability, but making it a lot harder).

    PvPers, guys, seriously, you need to wake up to exactly how you are coming across. This "close everything off, and blame cryptic for everything" is doing you no flavors. You need to open up and be more community forward. Because at this stage, you are your own worse enemy.

    I said before it was an "all-sides" issue. Thinking about it i am wrong.

    It is a "one side" issue - All of us Devs, PvEers & PvPers, "Star Trek Captains". When we walk onto that bridge, point our finger and say "engage" we are entering into a universe we love, enjoy, and have found memories of over many decades. Lets stop with this stupid neutral zone **** between us, and lets work together.
    Apologises about the long post.

    Well Said indeed..

    Also the DPSérs have a site which most know by now where nearly everything is shared..Even alot of really good videos on DPS out there going in detail (Timberwolf for example who goes over the entier build and sets)..

    As for PvP nothing of such..And have noticed most PvPér are SCI toons evne on what minuscule videos are there..So totally agree its a very closed group indeed unlike old (2011-12 times)..
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  • furyan#5289 furyan Member Posts: 48 Arc User
    If PvP is ever removed, STO will be removed from my PC.
  • shadowwraith#9264 shadowwraith Member Posts: 379 Arc User
    If PvP is ever removed, STO will be removed from my PC.

    PVP is a tiny portion of the game, removing it and recycling the assets and maps would be the best approach and would result in no more nerfs caused by pvp whiners.
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    Guys you were asked nicely to keep things on point. Having opinions and being passionate about them is fine, but forum pvp is not. at this point it's just arguing in circles. /closed.
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