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Unofficial Literary Challenge #45: "Old Friends"

starswordcstarswordc Member Posts: 10,635 Arc User
edited March 2018 in Ten Forward
Welcome to Unofficial Literary Challenge #45: "Old Friends". Sorry about the delays.

Prompt 1: "What Happened, Old Friend?" by @starswordc

Your captain encounters a friend or coworker from long in their past who has changed deeply in the years since you knew each other. Your different experiences may drive you apart, perhaps even set you on opposite sides. Or is your friendship strong enough for you to set aside your differences and pick up where you left off?

Or is the real problem that they are the same and you have changed?

Prompt 2: "Good Ones Go to Heaven, Bad Ones Go Everywhere" by @patrickngo

An Academy student your captain has sponsored has gone off the reservation in a big way. It could be partying, smuggling, honor code violations of some kind, something... And as the sponsor, your reputation in Starfleet is placed at risk. The Admiralty tap you to reel the kid in and find out what set them off, and possibly to find out how to undo the damage they've done.

As usual, no NSFW content.

The discussion thread is here.

The LC Submission thread is here.

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"Two ways to view the world, so similar at times / Two ways to rule the world, to justify their crimes / By Kings and Queens young men are sent to die in war / Their propaganda speaks those words been heard before"
— Sabaton, "A Lifetime of War"
(Vaporware thanks to Foundry shutdown. Thanks a frakking bunch, Cryptic.)
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