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massive patch re-download?

why am I redownloading this damn thing...again...


  • catflap#1239 catflap Member Posts: 1 New User
    > @"kefrem#2738" said:
    > why am I redownloading this damn thing...again...
    im having same issue really annoying puts me off playing
  • captainolsoncaptainolson Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Is anyone else crashing immediately after launch? Hope this isn't something to do with the patch.
  • salvation4salvation4 Member Posts: 1,167 Arc User
    edited January 2018
    Add to that it is damn slow and I am waiting to get in game..Also it seems that STO is the only game that having a problem getting connected without a VPN while everything else is working fine without a VPN.

    Everything running without a VPN (Cyberghost) = MWO, Steam, youtube, AVP 2010 multiplayer, SWTOR (Till yesterday before uninstalling it after finding most of the stuff I bought when poof like abilities trays), Aliens Colonial Marines Multiplayer...

    Everything that needs a VPN = STO (sadly needs it 75% of the time the other 25% when it works without a VPN I consider it luck)
    Adrian-Uss Sovereign NCC-73811 (LVL 65 FED ENG) UR/E MKXV Fleet Intel Assault Cruiser (April 2012) (Main)
    Adu-Uss Firefox NCC-93425-F (LVL 65 FED AoY ENG) UR/VR MKXV Fleet Intel Assault Cruiser (July 2016)
    Jean-Uss Seratoga Ravenna (LVL 60 FED Delta ENG) UC/R MKVI Bajoran Escort (April 2018)
    Dubsa-RRW Mnaudh (LVL 50 FED allied ROM Delta ENG) Warbird (May 2018)
    Marop-IKS Orunthi (LVL 50 KNG Delta ENG) BoP (May 2018)
    Kanak'lan-TRIBBLE (LVL 65 DOM Gamma ENG) TRIBBLE (June 2018)
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