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  • reyan01
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    pireb wrote: »
    I'm sorry what? STO (one of the most predatory and pay to win games currently available on PC) for best f2p mmo?

    I'm going to assume that this thread is an elaborate joke and i'm just too stupid to get it.

    Care to elaborate? I can't think of a single item in this game that could be described as P2W.
  • potentialbff#9168
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    Hey bro. You just posted 4 times back to back. This isn't your personal blog. Get a grip.
  • reyan01
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    Grow up guy's seriously... This is old fight and yay all wish to continue yay...

    I am tired of how immature most people act..

    For one none of you know how to answer my question with out trying to fight me about it...

    2 i don't care about ea i hate the company just as much as you guy's they ruined my fav game's...

    3 just once try to understand one thing fanboy wars don't solve anything....

    4. I don't think about my self i have a wife and i am married.. I have alot of friends who act more mature then you guy's...

    They play other game's i never fight with em nor care what they play..

    I mainly play ff14..

    5 so yeah of course yoy all want to pick on me that is what bullies do .. Lol

    I want solid info .. Not some fake news just like how marvel hero's announced shut down.. Like that i linked it. I dont want to see oh the game is dying... I think that is stupid with out proof..

    If the game does die good i don't think star wars game's will stop.. Just like star trek they both popular in there own right.. They just making Money off the ip.. Like any other companies..

    The real question here is how one defines 'proof'.

    I mean, as I said previously, no gaming company is likely to issue a statement saying "hey, the game is failing/dying". Why would they? The moment you make a statement like that, players stop spending money - and no matter how unhealthy a game may be, the companies are still MORE than happy to take your money.

    But like it or not, there are signs (already referred to in previous posts) that a game is unhealthy. It's a little like hearing a strange noise from your car's engine, indicating that something is clearly wrong even though the engine still works......
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    Let's keep the thread on topic please, folks.

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  • nimbull
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    I voted for Eve. I can't in good conscience vote for a game that puts power creep in to their online store. Also given the bugs this game has gone through and the stagnation it's experienced I find it needs a lot more work to actually shape up.
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