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Boost pets

Aside from mortars, most fabrications/drones do poor damage and/or get easily popped (particularly in Elite runs). In comparison to brute force abilities like Ambush and spammy AoE's, pets seem like an almost worthless novelty.

My suggestion is obvious, increase the damage, effectiveness and HP of most fabrications/drones, and we might actually have decent "summoner" builds. I always tend to use what is most effective, and I've long dropped pets (again, except for mortars) in favor of the aforementioned instant damage spams.

It's worth examining this because Ground has been the new Space for some time (maybe not here on the forums though).


  • asuran14asuran14 Member Posts: 2,326 Arc User
    As much as I would not mind seeing fabrications, specifically stationary ones like the turrets/generators, get a buff to their effectiveness. Not sure it is a direct buff like improving their hp/damage, and such that would be a good idea. One part of the issue I have wiht alot of the fabrications are well they are stationary, and well they don't have much in the way of depth.

    I would love to see actually see some modules that affect fabrications, giving them buffs, or changing their modes. Imagine having a module that allows you to shift your modules into different modes, and each mode gives them different buffs ranging from a fortress mode that buffs defense, to a hover-mode that allows them to follow you reducing your time to get up an running. Other ideas could be special modules that cause your fabrications/drones to use a special attack/ability at times too.
  • fleetcaptain5#1134 fleetcaptain5 Member Posts: 3,411 Arc User
    edited November 2017
    Oh those kind of pets...

    Yeah I never bothered with using turrets. The only ones I use are quantum mortars and, recently, some defensive turrets in the Simulation invasion because there a nanite medical generator or photonic barrier thingy is actually around long enough to make a difference due to the mission being very stationary.

    In most other missions only the Quantum mortar stays since it can fire through walls (and enemies' shields) and stay relevant for a shortly longer period - in IGA or BOTSE and especially KAGA for example. But overall, most things your captain can build are not very useful indeed.
    Even Cover shield only acts as a defensive mechanism for these mortars, for my captain the shield is simply not useful enough when you can also take cover behind literally everything else.

    That is, I think, the most serious problem for turrets like the phaser ones. By the time you have placed them, the fight will already have moved on in many cases and indeed, they barely make a difference in terms of firepower.

    [4:46] [Combat {self}] Your Haymaker deals 23337 (9049) Physical Damage(Critical) to Spawnmother

    [3/25 10:41][Combat (Self)]Your Haymaker deals 26187 (10692) Physical Damage(Critical) to Orinoco.
  • tremere12tremere12 Member Posts: 477 Arc User
    Oh those kind of pets...

    I'm not opposed to space pets getting a buff either (well, some at least).
  • asuran14asuran14 Member Posts: 2,326 Arc User
    Honestly for space/hanger/seperation-pets I would like to see well the use of them made a bit more distinguished from how other ships function. Many times with seperation/hanger-pets it is a worry of the buffs to the pets making them too strong, which I can understand. The changes I would make are as follows below.
    • Pet boosting consoles:If we had some consoles that by slotting them gave different kinds of boosts to our hanger/se[eration pets, and the type of boost was based on the console type (so engineering, tactical, science) that would be nice nice. It would allow us to buff ourpetsat the cost of the main ship, and so maybe balance it out.
    • Improved hanger/seperation pet UI: Right now we have quite a simple, and clunky Ui (no Ui for seperation pets)to control them. It would be nice to have a improved Ui that we could actually control our pets more, as much as the ground Boff Ui is it does allow you to manually control when your boffs use certain abilities.
    • Hanger-pet customization: I would love it if we had either more options of what kind of energy/weapon types came on hanger pets, or merely the ability to equip our hanger-pet with weapons of our choice like we can our own ships.

  • leemwatsonleemwatson Member Posts: 4,660 Arc User
    tremere12 wrote: »
    Oh those kind of pets...

    I'm not opposed to space pets getting a buff either (well, some at least).

    Hanger and Seperation pets have already had a major, major boost in HP, DMG, Speed and AI.
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  • tremere12tremere12 Member Posts: 477 Arc User
    Some are still cr4p.
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