can't fix issues

force verify delete localdata or safemode is not fixing all problems with is it my gamer rig or the game is not want to work good to point I if can't
seem to play some singleplayer missions I May be have to uninstall for a 2 full months cause nothing I try to fix is not working like one of ship
consoles the Violent Dampening Wave console in power tray icon is incorrect look like photon shockwave icon and one mission the defense drones on dyson sphere is missing well most parts of like parts a body is not there. If any one know these type of issues can be fixed will help me I'm still
looking for other issues I'll let anyone know if come across.

James Ward signing out

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  • usskentucky
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    The first sentence is a doozy.
  • rattler2
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    I think the Dyson Swarmer model in general is having problems. Even the one on display at Dyson Joint Command is just the tails and nothing else.


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