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Fleet Phantom Intel Escort

Anybody using the Phantom Intel Escort? Are the three 'Expose Vulnerability' useless? Being using the Phantom for a week now and only the Gather Intel pops. It says it will apply Vulnerability after stacking 15 times? Seems pretty high and make its useless.

any advise or should I ditch the Phantom for another escort?


  • dracounguisdracounguis Member Posts: 5,358 Arc User
    edited October 2017
    DPS is so high that things die before your intel thing gets it's 15 seconds.
    Phantom is nice, just ignore the intel probe on anything that dies in under 25 seconds.

    I like the Caitian one a bit better just cause it comes with the better Experimental Weapon & console and has more Sci ability (which I like) but it doesn't cloak and has less Intel seating. So really, it's personal preference as to what 'extras' you like more, they basically do the same thing.
  • bumperthumperbumperthumper Member Posts: 513 Arc User
    Yep, the whole gather intel thing is kind of not what you're looking for if you go for an intel ship, as was stated by dracounguis above. Even in PvP it's pretty worthless. The seating is the key factor in an intel ship in order to get the most intel abilities out of your Boff(s)

    I run the Fleet Faeht Intel Warbird or the Vaadwaur Manasa Assault Escort for my Intel Escort selections. The first one doesn't really apply to you, since you're Federation. The latter, however, is pretty crazy and may be cheap by now on the exchange if you want an intel escort. Not much intel, but still fun.

    Currently, I'm running a Son'a Intel Battlecruiser, and it's a beast. It has better intel seating. You'll need a very specific setup in order to get the most out of the turn rate and DPS, however.

    If you're worried about cloak, you could always run double Intelligence Team if you want somewhat of a battle cloak. I run that setup all the time on my non-romulan intel ships. It's fun. In PUGs, people may make fun of you for using it at first, then they understand why.

    A proud member of The Collective ARMADA
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