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Do you create biographies for your crew?



  • northstar121403northstar121403 Member Posts: 46 Arc User
    edited September 2017
    Yes, both captain and bridge officers.
    I'll admit that I don't do one for BOffs as much as I used to nowadays but since 2010 the storyteller in me has given almost every Captain at least a few lines of bio, if not a full history. Some Captains are connected to each other via back story. That's a habit I got into back when playing CoH (miss that game). There's a part of my that still holds out hope that the devs will revive the notion of converting First Officers to playable Captains.
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  • jonsillsjonsills Member Posts: 9,035 Arc User
    I have ideas, sometimes fairly well fleshed-out. Mostly, I fill them in with fanfics - the most-realized crew I have is the ship's complement of the Nandi-class USS Mixalot, under Captain Grunt (in fact Admiral Grunt of Starfleet Intelligence, but for - reasons - under a cover identity of sorts as Captain). Grunt's a bit of a pervert by Ferengi standards - that is, he believes that sometimes intangibles can be of greater worth than latinum. It was - suggested - to him that he might be happier serving in Starfleet.

    His First Officer, and primary Science Officer, is Commander Roclak, a discommendated Klingon who joined Starfleet after leaving/fleeing Klingon space. Rock, as his shipmates call him, has a very sardonic, not to say sarcastic, sense of humor.

    Chief of Security is the Andorian shen Commander Shelana, whose fourbond-mates were killed in an Undine attack on Andor in 2408. She's borderline psychotic, but Grunt's really good at holding her metaphorical leash (and knowing when to let her off of it). She's also somewhat famous for training security personnel - while she was first assigned to Grunt's command because someone in Operations thought she was going to snap and wanted her away from his "good" personnel, she's actually quite good at her job, so long as no one gives her the impression they might be Undine (yes, even after the armistice - she's really not stable in that aspect), and personnel trained by her tend to be very efficient and conscientious in the execution of their duties.

    The helm is manned by Lieutenant Commander Thy'bar Gydap, an Andorian thaan. He's part of a strong four-bond back on Andor; his shen-mate has been having trouble conceiving, but he frequently takes leave back home to, ah, work on that.

    Chief Engineer is Cdr Vovonek, a Pakled with an unusually fluid vocabulary (particularly obscenity - he can curse in at least seven languages, including Klingon and Rihan). He can jury-rig damn near anything, which came in handy aboard Grunt's first few commands - the Ferengi tended to get handed the fleet's dregs, and then Vovonek had to oversee the cobbling-together of several disparate starships to create the heavy cruiser USS Hephaestus after the Bastogne was severely damaged and stranded in a sort of interstellar junkyard.

    The ship's CMO is Dr. Llunih tr'Dalen, a refugee from the old Romulan Empire. He's the traditional "crusty doctor", partly as a result of watching so many of his friends die after the Hobus Supernova and the subsequent "cleansings" the RSE and its successor states have undergone. He's expecting the Romulan Republic to have one of those any day now.

    Ship's counselor is LtCdr Brel Tan, a Bajoran assigned back when Grunt was still in command of the cruiser USS Bastogne. Admiral T'Nae appeared to believe (one doesn't accuse a Vulcan of "hoping", after all) that Brel could uncover some reason for her to remove Grunt from command. Instead, he found this crew of outcasts work together surprisingly well, and effectively.

    Communications are handled by LtCdr Ruben Manalang, a Human male whose libido appears to threaten to eclipse even that of the famed Jim Kirk. He's from a place on Earth called Hawaii, famed for its surfing.

    The weapons console is manned by Lt. Zoex, a young Ferengi, and the only member of Grunt's crew to actually request transfer to his command. The lad is still a bit wet behind the lobes, but Grunt has high hopes for him.

    Ship operations are handled by Mycroft, an accidental AI that once inhabited the computer systems of Sensor Outpost 47, providing signal intelligence and analysis, before the station was attacked and its inhabitants kidnapped by Elachi. It uploaded itself to Hephaestus' computer core, which once belonged to a 29th-century timeship that was stranded in the same junkyard. Grunt had to leap through a lot of loopholes to prevent the computer from being seized, and Mycroft taken and possibly analyzed literally to death, by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. (I've been considering having Grunt take one of the 0718s I earned from purchasing the Temporal Agent package, and having Mycroft use it the same way the Andromeda used Rommie.)
  • jonsillsjonsills Member Posts: 9,035 Arc User
    edited September 2017
    Yes, admiral David J Riker the son of William Riker and Diana Troy. A batazoid.
    A batazoid? An empathic chiroptera-themed crimefighter? And when did Riker meet Wonder Girl?
  • evilmark444evilmark444 Member Posts: 5,305 Arc User
    A few of my crews are fairly fleshed out, but I've never taken the time to type any of it.

    Original Main:
    Captain = me
    First Officer = Romulan female named Slayek who was raised by Andorians after the destruction of Romulus
    Medical Officer: my wife

    Delta Recruit:
    Female Vorta who has deserted the Dominion to become a mercenary, bringing a small battle group of Jem'Hadar ships with her. To keep her rogue Jem'Hadar in line, and maintain their numbers, she had a geneticist engineer female Jem'Hadar so that they may pursue romance if they so desire, but it is made clear to all that the females are fully independent and are to be treated as equals. The geneticist is a Denobulan who also serves as medical officer.

    Female Klingon assimilated at Wolf 359 and recently liberated from the collective. She sees the hive mind of the collective, and the corresponding ability for all drones to communicate things instantaneously, as an advantage that cannot be overcome. As such, she created her own collective to combat the Borg, referring to it as the House of Borg. When the KDF discovered what she was doing, she was labeled an enemy of the state for her dishonorable actions and is no longer welcome in Klingon space, with all forces ordered to kill her on sight.

    At this point, she shifted her targets from the Borg to both the KDF and Federation, blaming them both for putting her in the situation at Wolf 359 that led to her assimilation, liberation, and subsequent dishonor. Eventually, she obtains time travel tech and attempts to destroy the cube at Wolf 359 to prevent her assimilation from ever happening, but is ultimately stopped and killed by Federation and KDF ships that follow her back to prevent changes to the timeline.

    The Klingon story I've attempted to adapt into a multi-part foundry series, but it is way too time consuming.
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