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Fan Theory: The History Of The Federation Is The History Of Sarek's Family



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    ryan218ryan218 Member Posts: 36,106 Arc User
    Can I just point out that Spock tried to get the Romulan Senate to listen to Nero about the dangers Hobus' nova posed? And that Spock only failed in saving Romulus and the entire Romulan command structure because the Vulcan Science Council forbade him to? Spock had to spend precious time illegally procuring Red Matter and a ship to get to the nova in time (ultimately failing due to the delay caused by the Council's xenophobia).
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    brian334brian334 Member Posts: 2,214 Arc User
    That's Spock's version of the story. Nero tells it differently!

    The conspiracy theory is an obvious joke, but the fact is that Sarek has had a major role in the Federation's growth not only in his lifetime but in his son's lifetime as well. If T'Pau is indeed Sarek's mother, as opposed to being an aunt or cousin or something, that adds a third link to the chain, and one which coincides with the birth of the Federation.

    Since Spock is about 160 in JJ Khan, he would have experienced eighteen pon farrs since his divorce. He looks very much alive so he must have had help, and perhaps he left behind a trophy or two. Saavik is often considered to have 'aided him in his time of need' and potentially gave birth to a quarter-human, quarter-Romulan, half-vulcan Baby Spock. This is never confirmed, but it was supposed to explain why she didn't go to help save the whales: Vulcan morning sickness is rough...

    But even if he didn't, it will turn out that Sybok did, or Sarek's brother, or T'Pau's niece's daughter's cousin's college roommate will turn up in Future Trek. Somehow it will center around Sarek's legacy.
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    jonsillsjonsills Member Posts: 10,409 Arc User
    That's beginning to remind me of a list that was going around during the days of Fidonet: "Things You'll Never See In X-Men". One item on the list:

    "A new mutant turns up at the Mansion who, after extensive genetic investigation and time travel, is revealed to be totally unrelated to Scott Summers in any way."
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    garaks31garaks31 Member Posts: 2,845 Arc User
    edited August 2017
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    garaks31garaks31 Member Posts: 2,845 Arc User
    Side Theory

    Mestral the Vulcan, that stayed on earth after Carbon Creek. during his years among us, he helped and created a bound with 31 Families. with them after some time decided, to save humanity from itself!

    " the 31 had no known physical headquarters or base of operations. A select few were chosen to carry widespread knowledge of their activities. "

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