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Questions for the Dev Team

dan#5898 dan Member Posts: 5 Arc User
1 - Is it possible to provide the ability to the game to attack sub systems - like targeting device or subsystem like (Example torpedo Bay or Warp Core) on that ship?

2 - Would it be possible to allow the ability to go deep space map that goes to all 4 Quadrants the long way so you can explore different systems and also have random battles with different species.

3- Would it be possible to on the bridge during a battle and you would be following your ship on the view screen for firing and turning etc... Also provide some reaction from the Characters during battle.

4- Ground Battle - I would like more of a first person Shooter experience so providing the option to be in the character and Aim with the weapons as if you were that character.

Please let me know if any of these suggestions are feasible

Best Answer

  • xyfius#5340 xyfius Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    Answer ✓
    1 - there are bridge officer abilities that target subsytems but they aren't usually used as science ships and many carriers have built in subsytem targeting. With enough drain x (formerly flow caps) it actually works pretty good. I'm currently leveling a toon using the magnificent Vo'Quv Carrier with polaron beam arrays and drain science consoles and am quite enjoying subsystem targeting again. For some reason there isn't a T6 version of this ship available which is unfortunate.

    2 - we had a random exploration system in-game but it was deemed to be somewhat outdated and removed. Maybe it will come back in some form in the future. For now doing various patrols will allow you to engage many different species.

    3 - at the top of the general discussion section you'll find a frequently created threads post (FCT) that provides an answer to this often asked question and why it's not possible.

    4 - you can press B to get into a mode that's closer to a FPS experience. It's important to be able to toggle in and out of this mode when playing ground but you're limiting yourself by staying in it (i.e. field of view, auto targeting). This isn't really a FPS game.

    Hope this helps.
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