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Not getting spec points for levels between 50 and 60

captainkoltarcaptainkoltar Member Posts: 623 Arc User
Hi all

I'm not sure as to the level of detail I can provide, because my memory of exact levels and things is a bit vague, and I also logged off/on before properly looking at the event logs to see what happened.

I had a character at somewhere around level 54 (between 52 and 54 at least). He had completed three Tour of Duty admiralty assignments, and I just quickly hit 'collect' on the rewards for these assignments. This was enough to level him all the way through to 60.

However, he didn't receive his specialisation points for these 6-7 levels.

I've tried the following to try to get the game to recognise and award the points:

Logged off and back on with the character.
Visited Kererek to see if the fact that I missed the Level 55 promotion message would have caused the problem.
Spent a 2 spec point bonus from one of the previous giveaways to try and kick the character's levelling (this only gave me the intended two points, rather than 'backdating' the missing ones.

Has anyone had this happen to them, and if so, how did you resolve it?

(I've also raised a bug for this, but I don't have the ticket number).

The character in question is [email protected]


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