24 hour clock is a real pain in the backside to follow daily.

suggestion for the developers:
i know several people that were not able to do the event due to the 24 hour clock. thier jobs are all over the place making it impossible to do it for 14 days due to the fact that thier job is unfriendly and sometimes they work days, sometimes its nights and they never get 14 days straight they can do it.
what i suggest, make the timer reset at 9am pst every day for anyone who has done it instead of 24 hours. that way there the people who work all odd hours could manage to do it in the am or the pm and still get 14 days. cause resettting at 12 every day, and not having to wait 24 hours exactly makes it easier for them to do it, but, you can only do it once within the 24 hours, but not have to wait 24 hours between events by resetting at 9am pst every day.


  • arionisa
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    I came in here thinking that maybe I had missed the news where they switched to a 24 hour timer instead of 20.......
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    you do realise that cryptic do not have regional servers, making it reset at 9am (US time) would just muck it up for other timezones.
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