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What Did You Think: Mirrors and Smoke?



  • risian4risian4 Member Posts: 3,711 Arc User
    nightken wrote: »
    map was good... that the only nice thing I have too say about it.

    and why was the kentari bad guy wearing random preexist uniform pieces... also why was his head so big. was the mission rushed?

    I get the feeling the whole season was rushed.

    - NPCs don't scale properly, still in some missions.
    - We get an episode with two maps and one small interior with, indeed, rushed storylines and a very basic story with some added comments from Kumaarke.
    - The PvE queue UI is inefficient and user unfriendly
    - Teams are automatically disbanded, queues pop with little to no warning
    - Missions that should not have changed (like Khitomer ground) are suddenly missing crucial components

    Some of the latest releases (lockboxes with random items that seem to come from all over the place; episodes such as Survivor that were still lying around somewhere) would almost make me think a new DOOM! thread is needed.
    The pattern of just releasing whatever can be released ASAP is worrying me a bit.

    Even if I'm just wrong, we've definitely seen better quality work. For some of these things they should just have taken more time, or simply postpone their release. Or not change it at all, like the PvE queue UI.
  • bernatkbernatk Member Posts: 1,089 Bug Hunter
    The visuals were stunningly good. Bladerunner or Coruscant. Both works for me. (TBH newer maps like past Iconia are just brutally good looking.)

    Also, lukari will go rogue somehow. Deliberately or accidentally I dunno. Mark my words.
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  • nccmax2nccmax2 Member Posts: 69 Arc User
    i dont expect much from storytelling in STO, the mission was better then most old missions in the game, but in comparison with the newer mission, it is definitely a weaker mission in the story telling department, whit lots of holes you need to close your eyes to swallow it (the story).
    graphically definitely beautiful mission.
    a mission that i could definitely play again, like some missions :cough: coliseum :cough: that make me sick even when i think about them.
  • thunderfoot#5163 thunderfoot Member Posts: 4,364 Arc User
    I am sitting here trying to recover from the double TBI called Of Smoke and Mirrors.

    When we first met Kuumarke and by extension the Lukari, they were fun and seemed innocent of the world. The Tzenkethi and the protomatter storyline were interesting and enjoyable to play. Made moreso by the wonderful VO of Tony Todd. Best part of the whole storyline so far. Mr. Todd, I'd like to sincerely thank you for not mailing it in and running with the check.

    Then, this hackneyed piece of all too predictable trash arrived. Is there a part of Captain Planet and 99% of Saturday morning cartoons you writers did not plagarize? Might be some serious copyright and IP infringement going on here. Better lawyer up Cryptic.

    You guys had one job - continue to deliver a quality storyline episode like you began with. But noooo, you just hadda take the A Train to Trope Land. I come to STO to escape from the Real World. Not to wallow in it. And especially not to have someone beat me over the head so hard with yet another "message", I can no longer see clearly. If your master plan is to kill off this game as fast as possible, I'd say you're dead on target by choosing to walk the Path of Epic Lameness.

    I'll not waste one more second of free time playing this ridiculous excuse for a Featured Episode. Not even if the reward was one million Refined Dilithium and one thousand Lobi Crystals per play.
    Nope. It ain't Discovery. It ain't Picard. It's not SNW, either.
    It's your obsessive-compulsive belief that you are the only 'real' Star Trek fan around here.
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