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Survivor Bug Conga Line

xyquarzexyquarze Member Posts: 2,091 Arc User
I encountered a strange series of bugs during a run through the episode. To be clear, this was my 10th run and I didn't have so much as a hiccup during the previous 9. Probably the first caused a bit or two to topple over and cause the rest. If that's of relevance, it was a rerun, not an original run, for the character.

Almost everything went smoothly until the first encounter with T'nae. The only exception being that one of my boffs got stuck in the rocks west of the first building while I was still running through it. She (female boffs on that run) managed to jump out of it after I got to the half buried datapad. Don't know whether that is of relevance though.

After I ground T'nae down, I accidentally escaped the Sela talk box instead of answering it and already went towards the structure with the large anomaly. After realizing it, I got the OPS notification back up and answered Sela, but now the proximity for Daniels to explain the three-thingamajig-puzzle to me didn't trigger. (I noticed that quite often lately that it seems to only trigger on entering the zone instead of being in it - very often with the destroyed Tzenkethi ship in the previous episode - was this always the case?).

So I went back and came back into the zone, Daniels triggered and I started running with the bubbles. Unfortunately, my boffs now followed me instead of being locked, and slowly died. I didn't revive them, and after I dispersed the anomaly, they were apparently within the reappeared structure. I came up to 5+ meters but again wasn't able to revive them. I continued and was killed by the first Tholian encounter - when I immediately got the respawn option without waiting time. I revived, my boffs were back with me, everything seemed fine, until the second Tholian encounter.

The battle itself was normal, but after the first Tholian died, he didn't topple over but instead went into a kind of "idle" animation, while sometime close my boffs stopped animating at all - they stayed in a frozen position, but obviously continued to work, because they would move (glide) and fire and use their abilities, they were just not animated at all. I am not entirely sure, but I think the defeated Tholians also didn't fade out as normal corpses do, but can be mistaken there. Anyway, I walked towards the graves and the rest of the mission played normally, except my boffs continued to frozen glide. Daniels and Sela didn't show anything unusual during all of this.

Last space map was normal, mission triggered as finished without incident, so no big deal. It actually was kind of funny, but also a lot happening at once.
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