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Possible Romulan Duty Officer Bug?

archbetharchbeth Member Posts: 34 Arc User
edited March 2017 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
So. I went to the Command Center on New Romulus, with my Fed-Romulan captain, and exchanged 5 Green doffs for a Blue one. When I turned in 5 federation doffs, I got a blue Romulan doff back. This was expected, as I was on New Romulus.

When I turned in 5 Romulan doffs, I got a Vulcan back.

Not being made of dilithium and doffs at this moment, I can't experiment to see what happens if I turn in 4 feds and 1 rom or the like.

However, I would have expected, being on New Romulus, that all the Doffs I would get from the Doff machine would be Romulan. (That's kind of why I was there, instead of turning in doffs to the Starfleet Academy people. If I wanted Vulcans, I would go talk to the polite Vulcan lady over there, and if I wanted a high chance of humans, I'd talk to the Personnel Officer.)

Failing that, I would have expected that turning in a majority of Federation green doffs to give me a Federation blue doff, and Romulan doffs would get me a Romulan -- so either's it's completely random, or it's somehow been made opposite?

Anyone else made of doffs and dilithium enough to get an idea what's up and if I should report this as a bug?


  • archbetharchbeth Member Posts: 34 Arc User
    edited March 2017
    Nevermind, found the edit button. ...where is the delete-comment button? *headdesk*
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