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Improved Critical Systems - Not Being Given

lordatrocitieslordatrocities Member Posts: 459 Arc User
The reward trait "Starship Trait - Improved Critical Systems" for the Temporal Agent, which is given upon completion of all mission arcs through Delta Rising, is not being given upon being claimed. It shows that it was rewarded, however, it is not being added to the available list of Ship Traits. I can confirm that this is the case for for the Temporal Agent and other toons. For example, I had 21 traits available to my Romulan toon prior to claiming the trait from the Temporal Agent in ESD. After claiming it, it showed it was rewarded in the IRC log, however, I recounted my traits, compared to list I wrote, and it was identical in number and traits listed to the list prior to claiming the prize trait. That means it was not added to the Starship Trait list. I will record video of this bug and post a link for Tech review later. (Has to be rendered and uploaded.)

I also checked the other trait list just to be safe, and no joy. I am not seeing it anywhere.
What happened to those unique forum ranks I paid for?


  • lordatrocitieslordatrocities Member Posts: 459 Arc User
    Update - Upon moving to space, then back to SFA, I rechecked the list and sure enough it replaced critical systems with Improved Critical systems. Not sure why it didn't do it right away, but it did eventually do it. I just had to move from ESD to space, to SFA to get it to update.
    What happened to those unique forum ranks I paid for?
  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 1,733 Bug Hunter
    Many ship trait's and some personal ones require a map or instance change.
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