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Can Fed T6 Flagships equip Odyssey consoles?

johnnyray14#4257 johnnyray14 Member Posts: 188 Arc User
The KDF T6 Flagships can equip the Bortasqu' consoles, and the Rom T6 Flagships can equip the Scimitar consoles. But I don't see anything about the Fed T6 Flagships being able (or not) to equip Odyssey consoles---that is, from the T5 Odyssey Bundle ships.

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  • jorantomalakjorantomalak Member Posts: 7,133 Arc User
    Im pretty sure they can since all the flagships are is T6 versions of the oddy , i do believe this question was asked before with the same answer being yes you can use the oddys' consoles.
  • officerbatman81officerbatman81 Member Posts: 2,761 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    Wish i would have seen this thread sooner. I did some in depth research months ago, the T6 Odysseys CAN in deed equip the T5 Aquarius console and cheveron seperation console. But I cannot confirm the work bees console will equip, i dont THINK so.

    I probably asked this like 6 months ago.
  • grumpyowl#1151 grumpyowl Member Posts: 96 Arc User
    All versions of the T6 flagships can equip all of the T5 Oddy consoles. I wish that they'd add a 6 piece set bonus for those who are faithful to the Odyssey line.
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