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Prompt for "How many?" on Fleet Bank withdrawals

predconpredcon Member Posts: 477 Arc User
Or really, any place else that has you withdrawing stacks. You see, as it is, you have to separate a stack before withdrawing. But if all the spaces in that tab are full, there's no place to separate. And if you've a withdrawal limit in place, no one can withdraw anything from that stack because it exceeds the limit.

It would be really nice if I were prompted with "How many?" when trying to take items from a stack out of a bank tab.


  • themadprofessor#9835 themadprofessor Member Posts: 1,203 Arc User
    IIRC, pressing Ctrl while dragging the item to your inventory will bring up a "How Many?" prompt.
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  • predconpredcon Member Posts: 477 Arc User
    Ah, well, without any instructions to operating this most intuitive of all interfaces, I must have missed that.
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