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Can't use my ZEN to purchase dilithium

I submitted a ticket for this THREE DAYS AGO and not a single response yet. I purchased some ZEN and when I go to the dilithium exchange it won't allow me to sell it. It gives me some red error message about "recent activity". Needless to say I am highly re-thinking every putting money into this game again if this is going to happen. I just want to use what I paid for with real world money please!


  • admrenlarreckadmrenlarreck Member Posts: 2,041 Arc User
    Let me guess, steam, Paypal or prepaid debit card was used to make the purchase.

    What happened is your account is now on Probation just wait a while for it to wear off, its probably going to be a while. Also anything you buy with it from the store will be bound to account including Master Keys, and if you do get master keys anything from a lockbox will also be bound to account because of the probation.

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  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 2,166 Bug Hunter
    Yea if it's probation it should be removed in 1-2 days... It won't prevent you from buying things on your account but will prevent you from acquiring items to be resold on the exchange or from buying DILITHIUM. At least until it's removed which usually happens within 24-48 hours...
  • gameadmin#9447 gameadmin Member Posts: 3 New User
    Hi ive been playing for a few days now, i orriginally played via steam and now im playing on Arc, Loving the game its awesome, first time player here!!! I bought Zen and im trying to sell some for Dilithium but it keeps saying i cant because of recent activity on my account, ive tried everything to fix it but its not working. If it works ill buy more zen to sell as i wanna level my r&d. Please help!!!! Thanks in advance Micky :-)
  • jaguarskxjaguarskx Member Posts: 5,945 Arc User
    I think you simply have to wait. From what I have read it generally takes around 7 day for the probation period to end, but that is only what I have read.

    I have personally never been on probation because I always used my credit card to purchase Zen directly thru the ARC website. Purchasing Zen from Steam definitely triggers the probation period.
  • rndfluctuation#1470 rndfluctuation Member Posts: 813 Arc User
    edited April 2017
    For me it took ~7 days, your mileage may vary (probation indeed, and false positive in my case as I was legitimate and did a legitimate purchase by steam.)

    A general albeit non accurate useful warning:
    As long as you see this red message you described when checking this, or when you see a C-Store warning when trying to buy anything, you are still in probation;

    While under probation, I advice you to NOT buy ANYTHING which you intend to EVER sell/trade/move etc.
    Also do NOT buy keys (beside for self account only purposes) during probation, probably just in case you'd better not even open lockboxes with keys during the probation term,

    as, while I am unsure of the exact details, at least ANYTHING you buy (from C-Store) during probation term, and anything you EVER OPEN with keys bought during probation term, will become FOREVER bound to your account.

    This includes lockbox/boxes contents opened by keys bought during probation term too, or, allegedly, any ship etc or R&D pack you buy in probation or open by such keys bound "probation time" keys or anything you buy from C-Store during your probation. (non formally, keys bought during probation have something like "contaminating state" lasting forever, and anything those ever open (and anything else bought from C-Store during probation), becomes bound to your account.)

    You may freely buy (if you are a legitimate user/payer off course) services specific for your account (or anything else you want to be ever used only for that account) during the probation term though.

    Once probation term is surely over, you can buy keys or other items normally again and those new items (bought after probation ended) will behave normally.
    (Item bought during probation or which were results of opening by keys bought during probation, are forever "contaminated" with bound to account status gained for them in probation term. And keys bought during probation will always contaminate items opened by them with this bound to account status they forever will have.)
  • rndfluctuation#1470 rndfluctuation Member Posts: 813 Arc User
    I agree with you totally and think it's unfair/too extreme. I'd personally understand why they did it though (protecting both themselves and potentialy also victims of theft or any unauthorized use), but like you, rather also the option of not being able to use Zen at all instead until transaction is cleared and think the current state (temp Zen->Dilitium limitations/permanently account bounding things bought during probation (or opened by keys bought during probation) in a way which you don't always clearly know ahead or understand what's happening or can't know at all when the probation term is done, can permanently damage you by bounding things non meant to bound with only a faint notice and can not do anything to clear the status by supplying proofs etc) is not right.

    Still, I hope warning received in time (e.g. before you bought anything which could have been affected)
    If the warning came in time for you, and you paid attention to it, then when it's cleared you have no consequences, and meanwhile, as a legitimate user, could buy services for the account itself though, as they did NOT delay the Zen usage.
  • darkbladejkdarkbladejk Member Posts: 3,002 Community Moderator
    First off, holy necroposts. Secondly, you are NOT being denied anything and any self-respecting judge would laugh such a lawsuit out of court. If it's your first time buying zen, you haven't bought in an extremely long time, or you buy through steam when normally you go through arc, it can sometimes hit you with the probationary period. Until that probationary period is up, you can't convert the zen to dilithium, and anything you purchase will be bound to your account. Believe me I get it, the probationary period sucks as I've had to wait through a few of them myself. Usually they only last a few days or hours, but I have had one last the full 2 weeks. Your zen is still there and that zen isn't going anywhere and you will get the zen unlocked, but it takes time. This probationary period is to protect them as much as it is you. It's meant as a way for them to verify that the transaction is indeed legitimate. Far too often with companies like cryptic you'll get someone that charges large purchases of zen, then once they give out the zen they do a charge back, which screws over cryptic. Cryptic isn't the first company with a policy similar to this and they won't be the last.

    Seriously though threatening to sue over something like this isn't going to help you, especially when they make clear a probationary period could happen.

    @jodarkrider me thinks you may want to see this one.
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