Phoenix Prize Pack - THANK YOU!

Dear Cryptic Team,

I've been saddened and frustrated for a long time that, despite being a dedicated Star Trek Online player and Lifetime account holder, there was no way to collect various ships and emotes that were simply from times prior to my having started the game. I've always considered that limited-time availability, deprecated content is toxic to an MMORPG's long-term value. I was literally just discussing this with a friend of mine only a week ago, pondering how to make a post suggesting a way to fix the issue that would be palatable to your development team and business strategy. Then I see this event post to the launcher news.

This event is finally the opportunity to go and get the few remaining things that I, and I know many of my friends, were hoping to get for a long time. I would just like to take this moment to extend a huge THANK YOU to whoever thought up the idea to do this, and everyone involved in implementing it. Not only because you did it, but because you implemented it to use dilithium which is as I type this post repairing the economy/inflation such that Free-to-Play players once again have a more reasonable access to Zen. F2P players simply playing the game and earning dilithium to buy Zen is - and I think many other players agree - vital to making the game more accessible for friends and family to join in and play along. I would have to say this was the best idea you've had so far and honestly, lately, you've had plenty of great ideas and have been making fantastically positive strides in the game's overall quality. I wish all of you a very Happy Holidays, and please keep up the good work!