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Bug in sb24 private Q

innuwarriorinnuwarrior Member Posts: 305 Arc User
Today I discovered a bug with sb24 private Q. I do sb24 as a mean to get some loot to sell rapidly and sometimes I get some nice puple reward at the end that I can sell for a nice profit. Today I started a private Q on the ground, I was at DS9 to be exact. Went in and I notice everything was dying way to fast, took a look in inv to see loot it was all mk i and mk ii. At the end i didn't get the first place reward as usual. I was wondering if it was because I was on the ground. so after cd was over, beam out to my ship and started another one from space (in orbit around ds9). When I got in all was well, all the loot was mk xii and bop didn't died from a single shot. At the end I got first place reward as usual.

I had one of my friend try it too. Same result, when he started the Q from the ground he was basically in a level 3 instance. When he started from space he was in the right level instance.

So there it is, from ground the game put you into a low level instance. from space everything works as its supposed to.
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  • malarks#8855 malarks Member Posts: 35 Arc User
    I have experienced this as well, though we usually check for their level at the start and leave if it is bugged.

    Something I find helps is to type in the level you want, in the lobby (for example, just put 60 in there, even though it says 60) This will usually help ensure we load in to a lvl60 instance, ground or space.
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