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Suggestion: First Officers

First Officers (Or the equilvalent Romulan/Klingon)

First Officers are often in Star Trek at the fore front of some of the more dangerous (and fun) missions (Best of Both Worlds, Workforce, Undiscovered Country, Insurrection to name a few), We have them sort of as DOFF titles which affects how they appear in missions but never actually having much physical impact.


Well because it could add some serious fun and content to the game. You could choose to beam an away team down with the first officer rather than the captain to the surface or vice versa giving a slightly different experience. This opens up a lot of possibilities for captains being rescued or vice versa (For example Picards rescue during Insurrection) and a lot more dramatic options.


First Officers would be created from a BOFF and would inherit their branch (Sci, Eng, Tac) as well as any specialisation. They would have skill points same as a captain but not the same amount (Something like 30-40) and possibly some specialisation points too.

You could only have one First Officer at any one time and they would be equipped the same as a BOFF but with some space for kits the same as a captain but not as many.

They would also have access to the reputation system same as a captain (Though there could be a discount or a limit to the level they could reach )

Content wise it would allow you to choose who is beaming down to a mission and who is staying on the ship (For example a science captain sends his first officer to beam to the SS Azura and his First officer is a tactical one who can then complete the tactical optional objectives. At a certain point the mission could be configured for an optional section where the science captain fights off some ships before switching to the first officer to rescue the crew.

First officers would not be an option for PVP and queues as they would naturally be less skilled than a captain. Prehaps there would be an option for a first officer to earn enough experience to become a captain for a certain zen charge (allowing some races to become captain that currently cant).

They could also have new first officer abilities different to current ones for example a science ship with a tactical first officer in charge could have either current tactical captain abilities or new ones.


Well this is the biggy, the biggest problem is that it requires a lot of re editing of existing missions to allow the feature to exist retroactively so that is the biggest reason why not. I don't have knowledge of how easy or hard that would be do to.

It should certainly be possible to create the first officer as an alternative to the captain for all missions reasonably well for RPers and it could be something that could be added to new missions. It would also be a bit of a challenge for the first officer as they would be the equivalent to a captain at a lesser level.

Your Thoughts? I would not say this is a needed system, more like a "nice to do" system. But I do believe it could add a lot to the game as often in Star Trek the first officers are as interesting or more interesting than the captain.


  • leemwatsonleemwatson Member Posts: 4,668 Arc User
    Your First Officer doesn't need access to any other system at all, there's no point to it. All you need is to be able to choose your First Officer to beam down in place of your main with the ability to equip kits.
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  • talonxvtalonxv Member Posts: 4,252 Arc User
    leemwatson wrote: »
    Your First Officer doesn't need access to any other system at all, there's no point to it. All you need is to be able to choose your First Officer to beam down in place of your main with the ability to equip kits.

    DING DING DING! Make it more believable. i mean a full admiral going on a standard away mission or heaven help us a full up firefight, yeah that just doesn't happen.
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